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VNCon Version History

v1.14 - 12/01/2003

* ADDED: Get full name option for user scan (NT/2K/XP only), slows it slightly
* ADDED: Optimised domain scans (should be quite a lot faster now)
* FIXED: User scan has been slightly optimised
* FIXED: Possible crash on user scanning then doing domain scan
* FIXED: Timer commands possibly didnt run if doing user scan
* FIXED: Remote commands wouldnt always use name correctly
* FIXED: Group name could not be edited
* FIXED: Some more taskbar not being displayed issues
* FIXED: Was sometimes double jumping on error (when switching)
* FIXED: Various issues with multi display switching
* FIXED: Viewer not centering properly on screen

v1.13 - 09/01/2003

* ADDED: Current user in toolbar when connected (re-implemented)
* FIXED: Remote commands sometimes wouldnt send when connected
* FIXED: Remote installation always came up with error (since v1.12)
* FIXED: Bringing focus to the viewer did not always bring to top
* FIXED: Using the toolbar would take focus away from viewer
* FIXED: Couldnt access system menu from toolbar
* FIXED: Badly flickering when using autoswitch (has been lessened)
* FIXED: Access violations and exceptions on startup (since v1.12)
* FIXED: Scaling wouldnt work properly sometimes
* FIXED: Add item would add to default not currently selected group

v1.12 - 07/01/2003

* ADDED: Send message / remote commands on menu when connected (re-implemented)
* ADDED: Installer now has setup icon and confirmation message
* ADDED: Remote install log button added to toolbar
* ADDED: Timer enable / disable button added to toolbar
* ADDED: Option to save selected group with list file
* ADDED: Sorts list after loading (re-implemented)
* ADDED: Copy item to group (so you can have duplicates)
* FIXED: Lists now update without having to push "Update Item"
* FIXED: Possible invalid server specified error
* FIXED: Help file not found if current directory changed
* FIXED: Better file error handling (fixes mass error messages)
* FIXED: Child windows of vncviewer now not shown hidden
* FIXED: Files with ip addresses and blank names now load properly
* FIXED: Allows you to add fully qualified dns names in ip address field

v1.11 - 03/01/2003

* FIXED: Groups not saving properly
* FIXED: Not flagging for save on some changes
* FIXED: Edit -> Move Checked to Group now works
* FIXED: Cycling with << and >> sticks to group

v1.10 - 03/01/2003


v0.83 - 08/03/2002

* FIXED: Error 103 when loading list files for some reason
* FIXED: << arrow jumped forward not backwards
* FIXED: Remote shutdown always aborted
* ADDED: IP address now appears when using domain scan

v0.82 - 07/03/2002

* FIXED: Occasional access violation on computer scan
* FIXED: Alt-F4 in VNCX returned to main form
* FIXED: << and >> not always working properly
* FIXED: Still switched when amount of comps <= views
* FIXED: User scan returning computer name occasionally
* ADDED: Multiple monitor support when switching
* ADDED: Custom list exporter (read documentation for details)

v0.81 - 28/02/2002

* FIXED: Network scan not showing all computers
* FIXED: "View Only" and "Fullscreen" options werent saved
* FIXED: Windowed mode now resisable with scrollbars
* FIXED: Toolbar follows window using vncviewer not full screen
* FIXED: View menu zoomed out when clicked on
* FIXED: User scan sometimes returned results in wrong order
* FIXED: Some keys stuck down after sending Ctrl-Alt-Del
* FIXED: Displayed 'Cancelling...' after cancelled
* FIXED: Preferred encoding only allowed upto 5

v0.80 - 17/02/2002

* FIXED: User scan on win 9x systems
* FIXED: Abort on check vnc didnt work
* FIXED: Didnt decrypt password when importing
* FIXED: IP address not used properly on connect
* FIXED: Stayed in control when using << or >> buttons
* FIXED: Couldnt ZOOM when single view autoswitch used
* FIXED: Optimisation of IP Scan code
* FIXED: Not updating when scrolling using the scrollbar
* FIXED: Scan domain on Win9x returning blank
* FIXED: VNCX not always refreshing on connect
* FIXED: Crashing due to failed connection attempts
* FIXED: No option to save ini file if doesnt exist
* FIXED: Floating point divide by zero error
* FIXED: Abstract errors when returning to main form
* FIXED: Display stretching was occasionally going wrong
* ADDED: Full grouping support (re-implemented)
* ADDED: Scan all domains (re-implemented)
* ADDED: Keyboard shortcut keys (re-implemented)
* ADDED: Option to connect in window
* ADDED: Remote shutdown options (not win 9x)
* ADDED: Cancel button for scan domain and show users
* ADDED: More documentation and help file
* ADDED: Hide toolbar key and button (in top left corner)
* ADDED: /ipscan and /port command line options

v0.7b5 - 05/02/2002

* FIXED: Another load settings bug
* FIXED: Default port not used when connecting
* FIXED: Clear unchecked items now works
* FIXED: IP scan form not showing if list empty
* ADDED: Option to disable user functions
(to temp fix vnetbios blue screen problem)
* ADDED: Some more useful vnc options

v0.7b4 - 04/02/2002

* FIXED: Specific password not encrypting / decrypting
* FIXED: Scrambled connect toolbar when switching
* FIXED: Load settings not working properly

v0.7b3 - 02/02/2002

* FIXED: IP Scan corruption when implementing checking
* FIXED: Username scan not working properly
* FIXED: Username check on connect to computer
* FIXED: Option for defaults (port and password) to save in config
* FIXED: Couldnt autoscan when only 1st comp is selected
* ADDED: Check if vnc running toolbar button 

v0.7b2 - 02/02/2002

* FIXED: Some command line options didnt get seen to
* FIXED: Default password now works
* FIXED: Password not saved in plain text in file
* FIXED: switching not changing computers properly
* FIXED: Connect always chose top list item
* FIXED: IP Scan doesnt slow to complete halt
* FIXED: Web link in about box now works
* FIXED: Checking computers now works properly
* ADDED: Option to save password in config rather than file
* ADDED: Check if vnc running (re-implemented)
* ADDED: Buttons to add / del computers on toolbar
* ADDED: Register file extension (re-implemented)

v0.7b1 - 31/01/2002


v0.5b9 - 03/03/2001

* FIXED: When using << or >> and failed to connect would go back to main screen
* FIXED: User scan cancel took a long time to complete
* FIXED: Slightly changing the list reset the X's
* FIXED: When using command line options delay before window appeared
* FIXED: Can now use /switch with /check and /showusers (didn't work before)
* ADDED: Option to clear all unchecked items
* ADDED: Options window with added options (as described in readme file)
* ADDED: /check command line option added

v0.5b8 - 27/02/2001

* FIXED: Auto switch command line option switch didn't work
* FIXED: Issues concerning info window taking focus when displayed
* FIXED: Slight bugs with user scan delay when switching
* FIXED: Rare exception error between switching

v0.5b7 - 25/02/2001

* FIXED: Slight problem with send message feature
* FIXED: Now defaults not to merge scan with current list
* ADDED: Allows disabling user scan using nouseroption=1 in ini file
* ADDED: Alternate connect method by setting altconnect=1 in ini file
* ADDED: Slower user scan using stableuser=1 in ini file (if unstable)

v0.5b6 - 23/02/2001

* FIXED: Only allowed 1024 computers in list, now allows upto: 1048576
* FIXED: Messed up port number connection in last release
* ADDED: Allows to merge network scan with current list
* ADDED: Alternate display of group list with checkboxes

v0.5b5 - 22/02/2001

* FIXED: Retrieve password from file had a slight bug
* FIXED: Fixed some user scan problems
* FIXED: IP Scan and Check VNC is running more stable
* FIXED: Anything from the connection part of vncon.ini will be passed to vncviewer
* FIXED: Password not updating properly
* FIXED: Delay in the Information Display appearing
* ADDED: Will add resolved name as comment during IP Scan

v0.5b4 - 31/01/2001

* FIXED: Take control didn't take control after my last fix
* FIXED: Deletes temporary connection file when disconnects
* FIXED: Occasional errors when scanning IP's or checking for vnc running
* FIXED: When switching, if skipped bad computer, doesn't reset timer
* ADDED: Mouse scrolling now works on the list

v0.5b3 - 30/01/2001

* FIXED: User scan causing system instability on Win 9x/ME machines
* FIXED: Carries on taking control after moving forward or background
* FIXED: Always uses Port Number instead of Display Number
* ADDED: Marks which of the scanned comps are running VNC (quite slow)
* ADDED: Option to clear the list

v0.5b2 - 26/01/2001

* FIXED: Password functions crashing or coming up with AccessViolation messages
* FIXED: Not changing between specific passwords when switching

v0.5b1 - 24/01/2001


v0.4b - 14/11/2000

* Added Shared Option

v0.4b - 08/06/2000

* Allows you to edit groups
* Fixed bug in Win NT which stopped you from accessing any menus on VNC
* Fixed slight bugs in editing computer names and comments
* Fixed bug in saving list

v0.4 - 08/06/2000

* Allows you to edit the computer list in program
* Option to rescan for computers without restarting
* Fixed slight timing bug when Auto Switching
* Fixed another Auto Switch bug 

v0.3b - 07/06/2000

* Fixed Auto Switch not working bug in v0.3

v0.3 - 06/06/2000

* Resizable and maximizable window
* Save to list option when grabbing list off network
* Comment support in list file e.g. COMP1NAME=Remote Station 1
* Uses temporary directory defined by windows
* Changed icon so not confused with VNC
* Fixed 'File not Found' error which sometimes occured

v0.2 - 25/05/2000

* Added grouping support
* Network support implemented
* Fixed a load of small bugs

v0.1 - 10/05/2000

* Initial Release

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