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Current Features

  • Computer Switching
    Cycles through the list monitoring activity, and allowing you to take control or send a message at the touch of a button
  • Password Support
    You can specify a default password to connect with, or a specific one for each connection
  • Grouping Support
    Allows you to group sets of computer for easier management
  • Multiple Views
    Allows multiple computers to be monitored on-screen at once (see readme)
  • Remote Installation
    Eases deployment of VNC to remote computers running Windows NT/2K/XP
  • Remote Messaging
    Sends messages to other computers running Windows NT/2K/XP
  • Network and IP Scan
    Scans the connected windows networks or IP address range for all connected computers
  • UserName Scan
    Determines the current user logged onto the remote computer (see readme)

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