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Windows XP SP2 Compatibility - IP Scan Made Useless on 15/08/2004 by Alastair Burr

Hello. Firstly I do apologise for not updating VNCon like I kept on saying I would, and for not replying to the majority of emails I have received. Basically, after getting an intensive but interesting job direct from Uni, it has kept me far far busier than I expected. Also, recently I ended up buying a flat of my own which has kept me busy, and of course my girlfriend stole the rest of my time!

But anyway, to the point, Microsoft have recently imposed limitations to the amount of half opened outbound connections a program can make in their latest service pack for Windows XP: SP2. If you are interested in the details then look here: then scroll to the TCP/IP section and read the section titled "Limited number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts".

This affects VNCon as when it scans for computers (Using the IP Scan or Check If VNC Is Running features) it creates many simultaneus connections to IP Addresses which may or may not respond. As soon as 10 connections do not successfully connect, then Winows blocks the application from future connection attempts, which means VNCon will not detect any new computers and become useless. You can verify this is the case as in the security log (accessible via the windows event viewer), Event ID 4226 will be logged.

I am currently consulting with Microsoft, and investigating a viable solution. For now I recommend you either use VNCon on a machine which doesnt have SP2, or you can apply a patch for Windows XP SP2 which someone made and is available from this site: I must point out that this is an unofficial patch and is not supported in any form.

I will keep you informed of any further updates, and apologies for any inconviences caused.

VNCon 1.14 - Download (List Of Changes) on 12/01/2003 by Alastair Burr

VNCon is an easy to use remote administration tool which allows you to connect, view and take control of any computers running VNC (Virtual Network Computing) on your network. The list of computers can be obtained using various methods, either probing your domain, scan a set of ip ranges, or entering each computers details manually. Title of the Month for Nov 2001

PROJECT STATUS: On Hold - New Version Out!

PLEASE NOTE: To connect to another machine using this software, VNC server has to be installed on the remote machine. VNC can be obtained from here and easy to follow instructions are available for download further down the page. (This is to help clarify some of the e-mails I have received)

Any comments / suggestions / ideas as to what can be improved or changed for the next release are always welcome, Thank You

VNCon 1.10

NOTE: If you do want to help support VNCon then I do accept donations which you can make by clicking on the "PayPal" donate button on the left. Please remember that this product is freeware and will stay that way! But alot of time and effort has been taken to produce this tool, so if you do use this product a lot and can afford to put forward a donation of £10 or something then please do! Thank you very much.

To be notified of updates and new releases of VNCon then please send an email to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line, Thank You


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